Office Policies
Published: May 21, 2024

We are a PRO VACCINE OFFICE. If you choose not to vaccinate or have an exemption please find a new pediatrician. 

Late Policy : It is our office policy that patients whom arrive 15 minutes late to their appointment will have to reschedule. 

No-Show Appointments: When a patient did not arrive to their appointment, did not arrive within the 15 minute grace period or did not call within 2 hours before the appointment time to cancel.
No-Show Fee is $25.00​

Please note, Three or more No-Show appointments will result in discharge from the practice.

Patient dismissal is at the discretion of the provider. If you are dismissed from the practice all remaining appointments will be canceled.

Our system can make reminder calls for appointments if selected/requested by the patient. If you do not receive a reminder call or message, the above No- Show policy will apply when an appointment is missed. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure that we have your current phone number on file. 

Cell phone use in the patient rooms is strictly prohibited. The nurses and providers require your undivided attention. 
Please note that video and photography in patient rooms is prohibited. 

Physical Forms: Patients must be up to date on their annual Well Visits in order for us to fill out any Physical Forms or School medication forms. 

Sports Forms: Patients must be up to date on their annual Well Visit for us to fill out School sports Physical forms. However parents must complete the first page with health history questions prior to us filling out our part.

Shot/Vaccine Records: Patients must be up to date on their Well Visits in order for us to give a Vaccine record. 

Emailing Forms: We are able to send forms to the parent or guardian with written consent only. You will have to request them  by email with the patient's name, date of birth, what forms you are needing along with your name and who you are in relation to the patient.